David Kuchanny, Contracts Manager, The Martin Sewell Building Co.

“I studied for the CIOB Diploma in Site Supervisory Studies through the Gates MacBain Construction Learning Gateway where I managed to get through the modules and workload. It was well structured and I learnt a lot. The away module was especially interesting. Without this option of distance learning I would not have managed to progress my academic knowledge.”

Kris Mills

"I would like to thank the staff at Gates MacBain for getting me through the CIOB Level 3 Site Supervisory Studies Programme. The course was well structured and greatly enhanced my knowledge of a Site Supervisor's role. Professional and supportive throughout, I would recommend Gates MacBain to anyone wishing to further their learning in construction management."

Simon Wellham ACIOB, FCMI

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the tasks set, and I have learnt new and reinforced existing knowledge and techniques. The pliable deadlines fit round my work commitments enabling me to focus on the course work without any disruption to ongoing projects.  The course work I have now completed has underpinned the work I have been involved with over the years and given a visible credence by means of certification to my ability within the Construction Industry.“

Idris Dayal

"I enjoyed your course as it is very well structured, practical and informative. Everything that I learnt on your course will be useful to me. I have already applied some of what I have learnt to my projects."

David Steele

I would like to thank all the staff at Gates MacBain for getting me through the CIOB Level 4 Site Management Studies Programme. I Started the course as a lost soul banging my head against a wall with other Card issuing training establishments  all telling me "no trade no chance" Well News flash Bee and Ron took a chance based on my knowledge of 15 years + of site work and experiences and converted that raw talent into a brighter looking future career in construction, I cant thank them both enough for taking me on the course. The Course is well structured and has greatly enhanced my knowledge of a Site Management role and thanks to Rons straight shooting assessments when I wavered I got through to were I wanted to be. Professional and supportive throughout with Bee on hand to answer all queries as they arise, I would have no hesitation in recommend Gates MacBain to anyone wishing to join my journey and further their learning in construction management.

Radu Moraru

I would like to thank Gates MacBain Associates for the opportunity to achieve a CIOB qualification by the distance learning method which is well designed especially for adult learners with lots of commitments.Also I would like to thank MS Bee Amin the centre manager for a quick response to the emails and helping with CIOB registration and membership, also Chris Bean  for an in depth review of the assignments and advice related to the tasks.

Timothy Donovan

Firstly thank you for all your help during this course and the guidance from the tutors Chris and Ron. The whole experience has been a great one and can honestly highly reccommend to anyone requiring certification Gates McBain and the learning gateway as the best option to do so. I am very pleased to have achieved the certification and will as part of my COD continue with further courses 

Mark Hoye


Please accept my many thanks to yourself and the Gates McBain team for all their help and professionalism whilst I was studying for my CIOB Certificate in Site Management. If I had any questions they were answered swiftly and accurately to the task, and I found the whole learning experience very enjoyable indeed. The course and Units were thorough and detailed, and offered a challenging task to complete for the certificate. I would recommend yourselves to any of my fellow management who are looking to further their knowledge and qualifications within the Industry. Once again, many thanks.

Ed Stratton

  I have found Gates McBain online studying very straight forward and once you’ve completed the first unit the others become very easy to compile and submit. Bee in the office is extremely helpful and will answer any query you have promptly. I would recommend this course as it fits in around work and personal commitments and you can do as much or little studying (within reason) as you see fit.