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CIOB Level 4 Certificate and Diploma in Site Management

The Level 4 CIOB Certificate and Diploma in Site Management qualification is intended for those wishing to progress to a management role within the construction industry.

The Certificate requires 4 units, while the Diploma consists of 12 units. It is possible to complete the 4 units for the Certificate and then do a further 8 for the Diploma.

All students must complete the Unit on Managing Health, Safety, Welfare and Risk Control at  Work unless they hold the SMSTS which is accepted as an exemption. Holders of the SMSTS only need to successfully complete 3 units of their choice for the Certificate.


1. Project   Planning for Construction       

2. Project   Control and Monitoring for Construction      

3. Managing   the Quality of Construction Work       

4. Managing   Health, Safety, Welfare and Risk Control within a Construction Site        

5. Managing   Dimensional Control on Construction Sites       

6. Developing and   Managing Self & Construction Personnel

7. Managing Sustainable Construction  

8. Contractual and Legal Responsibilities within a Construction Environment      

9. Estimating   & Measuring Work within a Construction Environment      

10. Managing Sub-contractors   within a Construction Environment      

11. Managing   Building Services within a Construction Environment      

12. Managing the Technology of Modern and Traditional  Construction  

Unit Study

The units selected for the certificate can be chosen from any of the units.  For details see the syllabus below. Teaching and learning is by a combination of directed study and set tasks; examinations are not required.

All units, with the exception of Maintaining the Dimensional Accuracy of the Work can be studied on line. Managing Dimensional Control on Sites incorporates a practical aspect which necessitates a two-day workshop.

It is possible - subject to arrangements for students outside the UK - to be able to carry out the practical surveying in the candidates own  organisation and provide acceptable evidence.


Entry Requirements

In order to be accepted on the programme potential students should have a CV that confirms they have at least two years’ experience on site above the level of trade charge hand with some general management responsibility or hold an office position responsible for the organising of site based work activities or an NVQ 3 in a construction related subject.


Successful completion of the Certificate qualification enables the student to apply for the CSCS Academic Qualified Personal Card which is equivalent to the Black Card.

Applying for the Programme

If you wish to apply for the programme you will need to complete an enrolment form (which can be downloaded from below) and send that with your CV, highlighting your management experience, to  

The enrolment procedure is outlined on the Courses Page.       

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