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How do I enrole for the programme?

Full details are provided on the Courses Page with regard to the procedure for enrolment.

What entry requirements are there?

These are set out on the page for the course.

   Level 4 CIOB Site Management

Do I have to pay for the complete course up-front or can I pay for each unit as I do them?

You can enrol on a unit by unit basis; you do not have to register with the CIOB, as each unit can be carried out as CPD. This means that you do not have to pay for the complete course but for each unit prior to starting it. If you intend to qualify for the CIOB Certificate/Diploma you will need to register with the CIOB, which we do on your behalf.  We normally do this when you enrol for the second unit as this will enable you to ensure that the course is suitable for you.

How do I pay for the course?

You may pay for the course by cheque, bank transfer or debit card. We also accept most of the major credit cards.

What are the costs of the course?

These are set out on the Costs Page.

What computer ability is required?

You do not need to be a computer buff; a basic knowledge is all that is required.  If you are able to access websites, print off materials and send emails you will have no difficulty doing the courses.  If, however, you do have a problem you will be able to contact us and we will talk you through what you are having difficulty with.


When can I start the course?

As the course is by eLearning and you proceed at an individual pace you can start at any time.

Can I do the units in any order?

You can select the unit you wish to study and the order that you wish to do them, although we might suggest that you do “Maintaining the Dimensional Accuracy of the Works” in order that it fits in with the practical workshop that you will be required to do as you need to have completed the study unit before attending the workshop.

How many units will I need to do?

If you are doing the Level 3 Diploma in Site Supervision you will need to do all of the 6 units.

If you are doing the Level 4 Certificate in Site Management you have the option of four units from the 12 available.  For the Diploma you will need all 12 units. You may be able to claim exemption if you hold the SMSTS.

Do you recommend doing any units?

You will need to complete the Health & Safety unit as that is specified by the CIOB, unless you have the SMSTS Safety Qualification, which gives you exemption from that unit.

If you want a good understanding of the management of construction at site level, we recommend the first 4 units as shown in the Units titles on the Site Management page.    

What happens if I am not able to complete a unit within the time limit or have any other problem?

If you have any problems, you should contact us and explain the situation. We will always try to help you in any way that we can.

Do I need to do any preparation before I start studying?

Before starting a unit ensure that you have read the following:  

  • “Introduction” page on the site 
  • “Study Guide” on the site. 
  • Course Handbook  
  • Candidate Induction Handbook  

You can also obtain the book required for the unit. The study unit combined with your existing knowledge, understanding and experience should provide you with all the information you need to complete the set tasks and pass the assignments.


Do I need to get a book for each unit?

You don't need to obtain any books but they are recommended under each unit. The information provided in these books provides you with additional knowledge which will give you a better understanding of the subject and prepare you for working in the industry. 

Is there a time limit for me doing the unit?

You can complete the unit in 30 hours of study time.  How you allocate those hours will depend on you and your circumstance though if you choose to do it continuously you can complete a unit each week, subject to the assignment being satisfactory. You must complete a unit within 3 months, this time will include the submission of the assignment and any resubmissions.  

Do I get a certificate for each unit?

If you are enrolled with the CIOB doing the complete programme you will only get the certificates when you have completed the programme.  

If you are doing a single unit or CPD you will receive a Certificate of Unit Completion from The Construction eLearning Gateway. 

Do I need to do the Workshop?

If you are doing the level 3 qualification you will need to do the unit which include the surveying workshop. If you are studying the Level 4 course you will only need to do the workshop if you choose to do that unit.  

It is possible, however for students outside the UK  to carry-out the work required for the workshop within your own organisation provided it is supervised by a Chartered Builder, Chartered Surveyor or Chartered Engineer. Contact us for further details.

Is the Material Copyright?

All material supplied is copyright and can only be used by the individual in the course of their studies. No material may be used for any other way or distributed in any form.  

How many assignments will I have to do?

There is one assignment for each study unit which is made up of a number of questions relating to the work covered in the unit. These you will do as tasks as you work your way through the unit content.


How do I submit my assignment?

Assignments are submitted by email. Detailed instructions are provided on how these must be submitted on the Student Area .

What Grading can I get for my Assignment?

If you are doing the Level 3 you will only get a pass or fail for the assignment and the Unit. If you are doing the Level 4 each question will be graded as either a pass, merit or distinction depending on the standard of the work that you submit. The average grade will then provide you with the grade for the assignment and the unit.

The grade will depend on: Quality of information provided; Clarity of the content; Relevance to the question and its Presentation. Additional research is always recommended in order to improve the grade awarded.

The maximum grade you can receive if the assignment is resubmitted is a Pass.

How long will it be before I get the results of any task submitted?

We try to get the assignment assessed and returned as soon as possible, in most cases this will be within a few days, although there may be times when this is not possible. In that case, you will be informed of this and given an indication of when you can expect it.

What happens if the Assignment I submit is not up to the required standard?

If the Assignment you submit is not up to the required standard in meeting the requirements of the CIOB you will be informed of that and asked to resubmit it. Guidance will be provided as to where you have been deficient and suggestions made as to how this can be rectified. Providing you complete all the Assignment and  make any amendments before resubmitting you will not fail the unit. You will have to resubmit within 14 days of receiving your assignment back.

How many times can I resubmit an assignment?

Within your time period of three months you may submit your assignment as a re-submission twice. If it has still not obtained a pass you will need pay an additional fee for each additional submission provided it is within the 3 months, if it falls outside the 3 month period you will need to re-enrol   See Costs    

What do I do if I have a complaint or are not happy with an assessment decision?

If this is the case you should bring this to our attention and this will be passed to the tutor.  If you are not happy with his response you should consult our Complaints & Grievance Procedure and our Appeals Procedure - which are accessible from the “Student Area” page – and follow the procedure that is set out. 


What happens if I don’t complete within the 3 months?

Unless you have received dispensation from us within the 3 months you will need to extend your period, which will involve an additional fee. See Costs  

What happens if I am have problems with any part of the unit?

If you have a problem you should set out what you don’t understand and send that to us. This will then be sent to a tutor who will respond to you.

Can I have my assignment reviewed before I submit it for assessment?

You can submit your response to the first task of your first unit for review only. This will ensure that you are on the right lines. You may only do this once, there-on-after you must submit the completed assignment. 

I have provided what I consider an appropriate answer in the assignment, but it is not passed, why?

If the question asks for something specific you MUST provide that. Apart from the assignment being assessed, all students have their completed work internally checked by an internal verifier and then by an external verifier from the CIOB to ensure that they reach the CIOB’s exacting standards. Consequently, no matter how good the answer is, if it does not meet the requirements set out it in the task/question, it cannot be passed.


What if I don’t get on with the course?

The reason we charge on a unit by unit basis is to avoid anyone having a large outlay for something that turns out to be not what they were looking for or that is above their capability. You should look through the sample material - which is displayed on the site before you enrol. No refunds are given once you have been sent the password. If you find that the course is not for you it will have only cost the price of one unit as we don’t register you until you move on to your second unit.  


Any other Questions?

 If you have any other questions you should contact us on or by phoning us on 01522 845 222 or you can Drop us line by clicking on the button below.  

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