The aim of the programme is to enable a student to acquire knowledge and understanding using a mode of study that fits in with their work and family commitments. The mode of study  followed is that of e-learning. It requires time each week to be set aside for study and requires students  to be self-disciplined in working through the units.   

Each unit of study provides information and knowledge to  enable the student to obtain  the units required to complete the course and qualification, and promote the application of this  learning in the workplace.  



Each unit comprises of 30 hours guided learning. There is no minimum time period to complete a unit although each unit must be complete within 3 months of starting.   Different people will be able to allocate different amounts of time per week to follow the course.  The important thing is that the student goes at their own speed in order to ensure that they understand and learn the information which it contains.   

All information needed will be provided by the study unit text in a progressive and logical way. The study units will also indicate additional reading material if that is required.  

Each unit is broken down into Sections which contain the content and suggest the chapters that should read from the recommended unit book.   It may also contain links to multimedia content,  which should be played and also may direct the candidate to the constructionsite,   a source of web-based learning materials and resources which can be of use in increasing knowledge and understanding of the subject.  



 Throughout each section, there are a number of tasks to ensure that the candidate has acquired the knowledge that the section sets out to provide and confirms that this has been assimilated.    

These tasks go towards preparing the student for the end of unit assignment. This may be completed as the student progresses through the unit or may be done on completion. On completion, the assignment is forwarded by email for assessment.

Full details on submitting the assignment is available for enrolled students from their course resources.